About Unicode to Preeti Conversion tool

unicode.shresthasushil.com.np was basically experimental tool for conversion of unicode Devnagari text to preeti font. The website started out with some basic rules to convert unicode string to preeti font. Those were normal if and then rules mapping every single character in unicode to coresponding characters in preeti. My sister helped me create those first set of rules for mapping. First set of the direct mapping obviously didn't worked out for lots of words. Thanks to contributions from the users, presently we have more sophisticated rules and presently it is far better than what we had in our first version. And here in this page I want to share credits to the contributors who helped us to make this tool better thing for unicode conversion. With out their constant suggestions and feedback, this tool would just have been just a tool with simple mapping doing conversion of unicode to preeti. I personally like to thanks all of the users and contributors for the contributions. Thank you all for your contribution and hope you will continue contributing the project with your valuable suggestions. If you do have any suggestion or want to contribute to the project Please contact me on my email codegluttoners@gmail.com or you can message me on facebook or follow/message me on twitter. If you found some error forward them to me. :)

Sushil Shrestha