About Me

I am Sushil Shrestha.

I am Graduate from Pulchowk Engineering Campus(Computer Major).

I like coding and solving problems.
I am a Computer Programmer
I am trained to handle python, java, elasticsearch and server maintainance stuff.
I can help build a website, crawl things from other websites, build a lexer/parser, build networking applications, build computer applications in general.

I am presenting working for nLocate.
nLocate is basically about solving our local problems.
nLocate helps locating organizations nearby.
By organizations we mean any local things like atm, hospitals, petrol pumps...
nLocate is searching platform from where people can search for bussiness around them.
nLocate is also a business promotional platform from where business can shout out loud and build bigger customer base.

About future, Haven't planned yet.
But yes, will be chasing masters degree soon.